Not all things green deserve our devotion, but I do think all things green should have our attention.

We are vanguards of this planet, curating everything it produces and circulates.

Greenwashing is when a company falsely represents what it means to be eco-friendly. Some companies just outright label a product eco-friendly or zero-waste when its riddled with plastic packaging. Some are more subtle like non-disclosure of some processes that do not support zero-waste that held yield its production. Reasons for these are capitalist in origin, of course.

What can you do as a humble hooman?

1. Keep yourself in the know. Research products before supporting them.

2. Support small businesses. Small businesses are open to suggestions. Your suggestion of lessening their simple-use plastic will help them lessen their expenses.

3. Refrain from buying stuff! HAHA! This is the best way to avoid greenwashing altogether.


What are your experiences or disappointments in greenwashing?



Physical, mental, and emotional.

I always thought that I was a more easygoing, low maintenance type of girl. Shopping stresses me out, a store with racks of clothes disorient and overwhelm me, too many choice just stun me. Sunblock is my one and only staple and don’t know how to buy make-up. I am allergic to perfume hence my avoidance for it. I live in a temperate climate so I rarely out on lotion.

But clutter is a cockroach. You may think you do not have it, but, oh, you do! Look at the items I’ve accumulated from freebies, to gifts, to necessary shopping. Those items are survivors of a downsize we did when we moved from a 2 story, 2 bedroom apartment to a studio condominium. We did the Konmari method prior to the move, but since we had a deadline, we failed to complete it.

Come 2018 when I had the lucky coincidence of watching Zero-waste trash in a jar YouTube videos and I fell in love with the concept.

My target date for my final Konmari is my birthday in July. Why wait? Well, we currently live in 2 cities because of my job. Getting the feel of the place first before deciding what to do with our stuff: to live like nomads? Everything we need, we bring? Or we live 2 lives — with two sets of essentials in two cities?


Zero Waste Valentine’s

1. Go flower-less

I’ve never been a flower-person. I never liked it when I see girls (can also be boys) carrying large bouquets during Valentine’s day during college days. One, because it was sooooo excluding! Two, because they’re heavy, and the giver just gave the give a burden to carry the whole day. Now that I’m aiming zero-waste, I now have a BRILLIANT reason for refusing flower bouquets!

The commercial flower industry uses a lot of things to damage the planet – from its germination, they are sprayed with pesticides and nourished with chemical fertilizers, they are transported via refrigerator trucks, some are even imported via planes. Needless to say, we can do away with those damn fancy bouquets.

2. Plant-based meal

This used to be a struggle for me. My home ate organic but we ate meat. Then I got married to a carnivore! But since going zero-waste, and discovering the benefits of going plant-based.

Meat production entails lots of carbon-foot print, as well as water wastage to water the crops that they feed to cows. My turning point was watching Netflix documentaries about Water and Meat-based diet links to coronary artery disease and cancer.

What helped me are the support of my husband and Pinterest. So, so many yummy recipes that are easy to make! The key is to focus on the REPLACEMENT, rather than the AVOIDANCE. Meaning, eating something vegan that you love would make you full that you won’t even notice how little meat you are eating.

3. Walk!

You don’t have to go far to have a perfect date. Go to the local pub! See a movie within walking distance from your place! Ice-skate during winter! Gas = carbon emissions…. so… Walk! Walking your date home after a great date is romantic as hell.

4. Sustainable gift-giving

Be creative! Aren’t you glad to live in a world when there are so many options! Even if your significant other is not embracing your zero waste journey, you are at full liberty to give her/him something sustainable, preferably fair trade and clean as well.

Though I won’t suggest giving everyone thrift store finds, I’m sure there is a sustainable for any valentine.

For jewelry, opt for reclaimed options. Thrift shop for great deals, maybe a vintage pocket watch. For chocolates, be sure to choose organic and fair trade. A fountain pen is a great option for anyone who, well, writes. A first edition of a book they love. Write letters, compose songs, make art. The world is full of options for sustainable giving if you just look closely.

5. Zero-waste beauty and fashion

Of course, getting ready for the date contains half the excitement. You don’t need to shop for a new outfit, what you have is fine. Except for shoes and underwear, I am totally fine with buying second-hand when it comes to clothes, but I make it a point that even when I buy new shoes and underwear, I choose natural, biodegradable options.

Where I’m from, zero-waste make-up brands barely exist. In the meantimne, I try to make do with what we have. If able, I just buy products in glass bottles. Shampoo, soap, and conditioner I already buy in bars, hence package-free.



Happy Sustainable Valentine’s, everyone!


Close the loop

This has got to be my favorite phrase, or IDEOLOGY in Zero Waste Living. It means not adding to the existing pollutants to this earth.

Closed loop economy1


So my zero waste journey started when I went down my usual YouTube wormhole and saw a 5-minute feature on Lauren Singer’s famous Mason Jar. I took the red pill and I am not yet at the bottom of the Zero Waste rabbit hole and yes, there is no turning back.

That was about 6 month ago.

Now, after hundreds of single-use plastic refusals later, I want to share my journey into sustainability.


Okay, okay, okay. If we’re going to have a good blogger-reader relations, I’m gonna have to be honest to y’all. I mainly wanted to write again because I just purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, second-hand and I FRICKIN’ LOVE IT!. I love the feel of it, i love using it as a tablet, playing games in it, writing in it, drawing in it!


So yeah. I am starting this blog because I can with my new tools. Secondary reasons are being of help to saving the world from climate change.